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Reincarnation & Karma





We cannot discuss reincarnation sensibly without talking about the Laws of Karma. Karma is nothing other than the Universal law of cause and effect. It is a law that is embedded in this Universe and is not present in the same way that you in third dimension experience in the higher dimensions or the multi-dimensional realities.

There is much misconception about karma and exactly how it operates. Many new age teachers have brought this information to an enquiring audience but it has been tainted by that age old challenge to consciousness raising, fear. Each and every one of you has free will, freedom to choose how to grow. You may choose to grow with joy, or alternatively, through pain, anguish and fear. The law of karma is not a justice and retribution system, so anyone who has had much suffering in this life is not a victim of ‘bad karma’, but simply finds themselves in predicaments that are simply the result of their own beliefs about themselves. It is not only humans that feel guilt, but souls can feel it, experience and carry it round with them for many lifetimes.

"The law of karma is not a justice and retribution system,
so anyone who has had much suffering in this life
is not a victim of ‘bad karma’,..."

For example, if a person should murder another human being, it is not the deed in itself that attracts the karma, it is the emotional state and the beliefs about Self that led to the act of murder that will create the karma, or result, at a future date. Be that date in the current or a future life. To make this a little clearer, I will tell a short tale to illustrate my point.

Charlie, The Soul Story

Take a soul called Charlie. Charlie is a fine fellow. Charlie has personal power as one of themes in this life. In order to do this, Charlie incarnates to a family where his personal power is going to be challenged. He is born to a father that is very exacting and is never quite satisfied with anything Charlie does. From the father’s point of view, this is his way of showing love because he is trying to encourage his son to get good grades at school and to get on and succeed in life. He also has a belief that to be tender, soft and encouraging to his son is feminine, weak and therefore undesirable in a boy or in a man. Charlie however, who is still a little boy, understands this behaviour as a sign of dissatisfaction and believes himself to be a disappointment, or simply not good enough. Charlie’s mother on the other hand, displays all the qualities that his father doesn’t. She is kind, gentle and encouraging. As Charlie has understood very clearly from his father both directly and sub-consciously that this behaviour is ‘un-desirable‘, he rejects all attempts by his mother to comfort him. Charlie has begun the process of becoming hardened and soon enough he develops a side to his personality that treats him in just the same way his father does. Charlie is being torn apart by an ‘inner tyrant‘ and ceases to be satisfied with anything he does.

Charlie is now convinced that he is a failure, and continues to tell himself this on a daily basis. At Charlie’s core, his soul, messages are still getting through about personal power and therefore Charlie finds himself continually in situations where he has to express his truth and his authority over his own life and wishes etc. However, his ‘inner tyrant’ is now running amok and Charlie really does start ‘failing’ at everything. His greatest fear becomes his reality. He drops out of school, he can’t get a well paid job, and society in general begins to look down on him as a failure. Charlie is now angry, and begins to interpret personal power in terms of things, instead of as a soul quality.

His need for self assertion and power grows and grows and because he now fully equates power as being something that is external and not internal, Charlie decides that he will ‘take’ his power if need be. So, as you can see, Charlie has got himself into quite a fix. It may take either a miracle or a life time or two to sort this one out. It will probably be a life time or two! Next, in desperation because his ‘inner tyrant’ has really got a strangle hold on him now, Charlie takes drastic measures and takes up a new career as a burglar. He’ll take anything he can get his hands on. Jewelry, watches, car radios, cash. You name it, Charlie is really into it. However, Charlie soon finds out that all these things that he has amounted is not filling the emptiness he feels in his stomach. He then goes out for more, and more, and more. All the while, his anger is growing and growing. Eventually, his anger takes real control of his life and his career in robbery becomes violent, to the point where he actually takes the life of another person.

Time goes on and Charlie is eventually released from prison. He ends up a lonely old man on a small pension living in a run down part of town. He eventually dies of a combination of heart and liver problems. He literally dies of a broken heart.

At the point of death, Charlie is enveloped in a dazzling bright white light, he is met by his dearly departed mother, his grandfather, two angels and a wise old guide. He kind of recognizes the guide, and as the death process continues and the journey to the higher dimensions of reality progresses, he begins to recognise the guide as a long lost friend he hasn’t seen for a while, since the last time he ‘came home’. After a few days of recuperation, in the Home for Newly Arrived Old Souls, Charlie is taken to see The Council of Advisors that is made up of Seven Advisors, all of which have been working with Charlie through the entire life that has just past, and some of them since his very first incarnation on Earth, and one of them since his very first incarnation ever on a distant planet back in the annals of time.

Whilst meeting with the Council (these are not judges!), a life revue takes place and charlie is assisted in making his choices regarding his next step. During this revue, Charlie is also able to look at past lives prior to his existence as Charlie and slowly but surely he begins to drop, or merge, his Charlie self into his total self. He now knows himself as Miranda-la. This process of remembering is gentle and slow, it can be compared to waking up from a dream. It is not that Charlie no longer exists, or has died in some way, it is just that his ego or personality self as expressed through the three dimensional world on Earth, has been brought to its highest expression at the soul level. Nothing is lost from the life that has just past, all experience is remembered and stored for future use.

Our soul, that is beauteous and radiating light and wonderment, begins to take on a soul review. This is a little different to the review that Charlie has just had, because this review encompasses all the lives, experiences and adventure on all planes of existence that Miranda-la has had experience. Part of the duty of a soul if it opts for schooling in the 3rd dimension, is to embody ever increasing levels of light and love whilst on the third dimensional planet. This means that a soul will commit to a cycle of incarnations and will in most cases continue with the cycle until it has accomplished bringing it’s higher levels of consciousness ‘down’ to the third dimension. You see, many of you see the process of enlightenment as ‘ascension’, it is in fact more true to say that it is a process of ‘descension’, that is bringing the light down into all levels.

Miranda-la now considers all the parameters and probabilities of her next journey into the third dimension. She reviews all her beliefs, thought patterns, fears, skills and joys associated with the third dimension. She will also study quite closely what karma she has set up in order that she may select the right parental care, social circumstances, race, country, city, ethnic background etc. Miranda-la now has to take a very close look at her life as Charlie, and look at the future she has set up for herself within the third dimension because karma is dimensionally linked. That is to say, in the upper fourth, fifth and sixth dimension where many souls pass to after an Earth life, the karma created upon the third dimension does not directly affect the individual on a soul level. This does not mean to say that there is no karma on the higher levels, because everything is karma, all is cause and effect. But karma is dimension, or vibrational level, dependent. Additionally, a soul may choose to re-work something in the third dimension that it has had difficulties with in the fourth, or fifth etc. However, there are exceptions to the rule when a particular soul has very strong emotions regarding an event in a life just passed. For example, a soul that is convinced that it is evil, may create a ‘Hell’ like scenario when they first pass over from the third to the fourth dimension. In such cases, many guides are sent to their aid in order to lift them out of this self created nightmare. It may take some time, but eventually they will recover and re-awaken to their true nature. The essential problem with karma to date is, is that it has been perceived to be a ‘negative’ aspect. I will say to you that showing love to another being creates karma, it brings that love straight back to you!

Miranda-la is quite aware that when she re-enters the third dimension, her third dimensional thought, belief and emotional patterns will be re-activated and will in essence be the driving force behind how she perceives her reality. She is also quite well aware that as she lowers her vibrational level in order to re-enter the third dimension, any feelings of guilt that this part of her consciousness has regarding past deeds, will be re-activated. However, the whole point of the exercise is to evolve this part of herself so that the light of her Christ self may be fully present in the third dimension. She is also aware that the part of herself that is in full awareness of the broader truth of who she really is will assist her in dream states during sleep and at times of peace, quiet and rest.

Other factors that will have an affect on Miranda-la’s choice will be just how well that she has recuperated from her journey to Earth. You see, many souls that come from the higher realms of existence are often quite shocked at just how unloving their behaviour turned out to be on the third dimension and take on a degree of shame and are therefore unable to fully come back into their ‘home’ level of consciousness. For example, a fifth dimensional soul that has decided to brush-up on some skills in the third dimension owing to difficulties concerning passing into the sixth for example, may feel shocked at his third dimensional behaviour. This may cause him to hold onto some third dimensional guilt and shame which would lead to being ‘stuck’ in the fourth dimension, unable to raise his vibration to his ‘home’ level.

To explain this more fully, it is easier to understand when you realise that growth, expansion and new ways of learning are continuously evolving on all levels of existence. Therefore, as the fourth dimension is so closely tied to the Astral planes of many planets , this plane, although ‘heavenly’ in comparison to what you perceive on the Earth plane, is heavily influenced by all the fears present on your planet. In fact, the masters that are present on the fifth, sixth and upper dimensions are constantly transmitting thoughts of love, compassion and understanding to the fourth so that it too can evolve. The essential change that is taking place across the dimensions, is the way that growth is perceived. Many planets and many areas within the fourth dimension have adopted into their belief systems that growth is better achieved through pain and struggle. Therefore, many souls have chosen incarnations that are severe or difficult based upon a belief that they are putting things right. As I mentioned earlier, what creates the karma is not the deed, but the belief that led to the deed itself. It is thought and feeling that drives the Universe, not deeds.

In final choosing, Miranda-la will seek out parents that closely resemble in resonance, her own third dimensional consciousness. That is to say, she will be drawn to parents that have similar problems with issues of personal power and difficulties in self acceptance. She may very well be born into poverty because she has such a strong feeling of repulsion regarding material objects owing to the guilt she has carried over from her life as burglar and robber.

"Every event in your life,
whether or not you choose to view it as being either good or bad,
is Divine Grace in action....."